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A boy and a girl were cought in a London park making love. The police man that cought them took them to court and had a witness.

In the court the policeman testifies that this young man and woman were making love in the park.

Judge: Your witness
Witness: Mr. Smith
Judge: Mr. Smith, please Swear to say the whole truth and give us your full name, Age and profession.
Withess: I swear to say the whole trouth and nothing but the trouth, My name is John Smith, I am 44 and I am a poet
Judge: What did you see ?
Witness: I saw this boy and this girl fucking in the park
Judge: Since you are a poet, can't you say this in a more poetic way ?
Withness: yes your honour ;

I was walking in the bushes, when I saw this pair
His pants were down and her legs were bare
His you know what was in her, you know where
And if that aint called fucking well I wouldn't have been there